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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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starting atomorrow. ouncer: news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. to start off tonightew breaking that could have a huge impact on our evening rushr metro has suspended train service at mcpherson square and farragut west because of smoke. >> this impacts the orange blue and silver lines. no word on what'she causing smoke right now. jackie bensen is headedthere, >>e'll update us as we learn more. tracking two storms on this friday night. >> one of them is already ure. an see the rain and mix moving in right now. doug said this is going to be a wi wicked ght, nasty too, battling the elements on the drive home oni-66. >> a bigger problem for some of us over the weekend. we'r tracking the chances for heavier snow but it depends on where you live.le s get right to doug kammerer
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for what to expect on this friday night. hi, doug. >> hi, guys. all inll a simple mess on your friday night and another mess on sunday night. squeeze in the middle an okay day on saturday. we have rain moving in had, look at the heavier rain around the culpper county area. to the north though seeing a little bit of snow breaking out on the northern side, even some sleet around the hearnden area. partow of montgomery county watching this whole area of moisture move on in acrs our region. look, this is going to continue throughohe night tonight. if you have plans to go out tonight, take the coat and umbrella. temperatures are only in the low 30h this rain. it is nasty. we have a winter weather advisory to the north. frederick, martinsburg, hagerstown you may see an inch of snow. and ice in the mountains at elevation. watch out for that as well.
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here's sunday, a winter storm watch in effect, frederi county, jefferson county, foreclo frederick county in virginia. a winter storm watch for snow on lsunday. weee you back here in about 15 minutes for much more on this. now to breaking news in maryland where a young girl is facing chargonight in connection to a baby's death. t girl is just 11 years old, but police say she assaulted a 1-year-old boy. >> investigators tell us the girl had been left in charge of heaby last weekend, he died yesterday. >> cory smith has details on this terrible tuation. >> reporter: this is a tragic situation all the way around, for both families. that little boy's nam was paxton davis. he had just celebrated his first birthday on februaryth. his parents say they are sad, shocked, and confused about what has happened here. let's show you some pictures of
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little paxton and tell you what detectives are telling us happened. according to police, the 11-year-old girl admitted to assa ptington when her mother left the pair alone sunday morning to run an errand. paxton's pents said they were initially told his injuries were caused by fall, but upon furt avestigation it was clear he wasaulted and beaten with something that caused severe t injuri his upper body and a skullfr ture. davis and the 11-year-old are not related but their families know each other. tonight the question detectives are still trying to answer is why. >> it was clear the injuries paxton suffered were not normal play of a 1-year-old. i don't know what motive there would be in a situation like this for an 11-year-old tori inflict in on a 1-year-old. >> reporter: because of the girl's age authorities are not releas ing her nam we know she's being held in a juvenile
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detention center and facing a first degree child abuse charge. cory smith news4. also breaking d adly shooting on suitland this is by silver hill road. a man and woman were shot inside a car here at 2:00 in the afn.oo w eth died in the hospital. u.s. park police are handling the that just hours after a deadly shooting this morning in the district on wade road southeast near the berry farm rec center. policeell us a neighborhood dispute led someone to open fire int. this parking investigators are focussed on one car that had its trunk open and dama on the windshield. we spoke to police chief peter newsham at the scene. >> we have to put a stop to these guns in our community. people resolving disputes with firearms, it's killing us.
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it's killing us, we lose lives but it's killing us emotionally. >> police are questioning a suspectn this se, they have not announced any charges yet. civil rights group are calling for mary ann lisanti to resign. to used a racial slu describe a predominantly rican-american district in prince george's county. her colleagues voted yesterday to censure her. tracee wilkins has her reaction as the calls for her resignation grow. >> i'm a constituent of mary ann lisanti. i've supported her in the past elections. >> reporter: some of the people who voted for maryland delegate mary ann lisanti a calling for the embattled harford county representative to ste down. >> s represents me and i take my time to make sure me and my children go to the polls and i'm really, really disappointed. >> reporter: this after the delega delegatedmitted using the n word to describe a district in prince george's county. today leaders from civildights minority organizations
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around maryland said she should resign. of she cannot make laws that represent the statmaryland. >> reporter: on wednesdayor prie 's county county executive addressed the comments. >> her views and comments were hurtful, ignorant. >> resolution of censure. >> reporter: last maryland general assembly voted unanimously to censuresaary ann i. but she said she's not stepping down. >> rolling up your sleeves and attacking political and racial diversity that is tearing the fiber of our nion and state is hard work, but i'm up for the challenge. and that is why i am stang. >> reporter: she also said she'd likeho meet w the county executive. a spokesperson for the county executive's office said that won't happen any time soon. >> right now the county executive's focus is on serving the people of prince george's county not the delegate. r orter: legislatures have
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made it clear the house has done as much as it ian this situation because delegate lisanti has not done anything criminal. in annapolis, i'm tracee wilkins news4. tonight a local high school student faces two felony charges for fighting with a school resource officer in e school cafeteria. police tell news4 the cell phone video of the brawl only tells part of the story. witnesses say a school administrator at dinion high school tried to take the student to the office but the boy resisted. he thee swung at th sro who defended himself. the student is being held at the loudon juvenile detention center. new questions about the president's son-in-law, kushner. president trump ordered a white house official to give jared kushnerop aecret security clearance according to the "new york times" then the presidentn
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involvement. blayne alexander is tracking this for us. many people i our area know how hard you have to work to get a clearance. >> reporter: this new reporting from the "new york t really reigniting the question of granting those security clearances a whether or not e president should get involved. the "new york times" reporti president trump last year directed his then chief of j staff,n kelly to grant a top secret security clearance to jared kushner, the presinent's son--law and adviser despite concerns raised by intelligence officials. something the president deniedi ea this year. >> i don't think i have the that, i'm not o sure i do. i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: democrats pouncing. >> that is a lie. he did do it. >> reporter: the white house not commenting on security clearances and kushner's lawyer said they were handled in the regular process.
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>> t the president has the authority to grantecurity clearances but he should be truthful. >> reporter: as demrats prepare to call thete w house's chief financial officer to testify, he was named by the prident's former attorney, michael cohen a, has having firsthand knowledge of the president's financial dealers.ig >> that's sned by allen wiseleberg. >> as far as cohen is concerned, he's convicted, he's a liar. >> reporter: meanwhile, the parents of american college student, otto warmbier slamming the president for saying he believed kim jong-un on who laims to have no knowledge of otto's mistreatment. writing kim and his evil regime are responsible for otto's death. no excuses or lavish claims can change that. the presidentti tw, i never like being misinterpreted, of course i hold north korea responsible for otto warmbier's death.
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pinning blame on the b country never its leader. tonight there's more backlash over thet' presid relu reluctance to blame kim jong-un over warmbier's death. he refused to blame the saudi crown prince for the murderf jamal khashoggi and accepted vladimir putin's denial of russian16 interference in the presidential election. >> the president needs to say loud and clear that north korea, the regime, and kim jong-un, was the regime, and kim jong-un, was respsible for the death of
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back to our breaking news metro tells us rht now aiece of plastic on the tracks is what caused that smoke at the farragut west metro station. live pictures here, the scene arstarting to cl
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metro is still restoring service on the orange, blue and silver lines, but no injuries to report. expectys de to linger through the rest of the evening rush hour. doreen? >> chances are you or someone you know has taken one of those home dna tests to learn about your ancestry or yourthe major companies have millions of customers but have you wondered what happens to that genetic data they're collecting? tonight we end our series on dna with a glimpse into the future. it's the silicone valley company with th largest data base for genetic research. over the past years, ann, cofounder and ceo of 23 and me has turned her dream into a billion doll empire. >> we have over 5 million customers, people a empowered with their genetic information. once you get the fist taste of
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learning about yourself, it changes how you think about your health overall. >> reporter: now she's venturing into new territory, offering customers a chance to give their dna a second life through medal research. searching for cures to age old diseases. >>owcan i crowd source the information? and then i can. i can partner with academic researchers, bio companies, to say how can we allho have a common interest say i have a solution and information. >> reporter: more than 4 million customers have opted in and the results have helped break scientfic grounds on eveng from migraines to cancer. one of the most significant finds, the first ever genetic link to depression,an t toa partnership with pfizer. >> i think the success is the impact we have on human life. >> reporter: she's not done yetr
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turning attention to a topic that hits close to him. >> my ex-husband has the ri factor for parkinson's. >he found oute was a carrier of parkinson's disease after taking his then-wife test. last year they announced a partnership to find a cure for the disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and impacts a person's movement, causing stiffness and tremors. the company's massive data base my beaking strides for science yet it poses serious questions about privacy. but ann says your participation doesn't have to be permanent. >> you can delete your accoun if you don't want to participate any more, withdraw. totally. >> there's a setting to do that, to withdraw on the 23 and many website. but we are told that 80% of 23
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and me customers have opted inv to heir dna used for research. to watch all of the stori from our week-long stories, and our web extras, head to and search dna. the pamela butler case is one we have covered extensively over the past decade on news4. tonight it's the topic of " "datelinbc. she disappeared you'll recall back ve 2009 and has n been found. in the end, police zeroed in on her boyfriend, jose rodriguez cruz, who ultimately confessed to killing her. he told them he buried her remains along i-95 in stafford county. police have not found her remains but thanks to her advancements in testing they t realizedr remains found in the same area decades before long to the boyfriend's ex-wife. >> cold case detective realized nge boyfriend of pam had a woman who was mis from his early
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years, all of a sudden now you have two w en missing this guy's life and one resulted in a confession to a hemurder, and other case is still to be adjudicated. >> look for thatate line special here on nbc s 4tarting at 10:00 followed by news4 at 11:00. doug and amelia are in storm team 4 tracking two storms right now. >> one bringing rain tonight and another brinng snow over the weekend. guys, what's up? >> kind of amazing the pat earn we're in right now. we've been talking about this as we move into the monthf march here, today is march 1st, we had winter srm this morning, another tonight and a bigger one on sunday. >> thetorm onunday is not set in stone. we're definitely seeing rain and snow, but the numbers could d,ange over the weeke so you want to stay tuned. >> a shift of 20, 30 miles would ve a huge impact on parts of the area. right now look at the radar howing rain around the area and snow to the north. facebook asking you on and twitter and here to let me
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know what you're seeing here. i go a r from kelly in prior record sco perciville, she said snow here. so i think most of this is falling as rain but t cmperaturs arse to the freezing mark, watch out in the areas. heavy rain continuing. and look at the rain coming in. a lot of rain moving in tonight, this is going to be a wet, soggy night if you're going out on your friday, just nasty out there. i think we will see snow eventually move into the hagerstown area, maybe a little bit of accumulationas we get e onre, ly takes a degree or two to get the change tosnow. that's why north and west has a winter weathergh advisory thr tomorrow morning for the areas you see highlighted mostly to the west of the blue ridge, exception paras of frederick county. watch out for ice higher elevations, too. this same area is going to get
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hit hard again on sunday. amelia atthat time we think that area is goin to be hit by etty good snow. >> you're already under a winter sto watch. frederick county maryland and virginia, and t panhandle of west virginia, this winter storm watch is in effect for the potential of heavy snowfalling across the area. this would cause snow covered roads and delays, maybe even cancellations out there monday morning. here's the timing with future weather.n notices in parts of winchester, but most of the area is still dr as we move toward the midday horts we see snow n of washington, a mix around d.c. and rain to the south of washington. by 5:00 p.m. we're seeing snow around d.c. and everywhere to the north, north of 66, north of 50. south of that seeing more just southern maryland this is a rain only event for you.
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8:00 we see the rain and snow line shift farther to theno th. but frederick county you've been dealing with snow this entire time. this systemlls out around 3:00 a.m. on monday and we're dry after that on monday. amounts here's what we're thinking. we think there'll be not much in for ay of accumulatio washington but just north of the district, montgomery, loudon, fauquier counties,at cng to an inch. north everyone loudon county, winchester, hagerstown is looking interesting, about 4 to 7 inches maybe even a little bit more. >> that model run you're showing, that's new. and itas more snow even in the d.c. area. so as we move through tomorrow and sunday we'reoing to get more information. make sure you stay tuned to nbc 4 tonight at 11:00, i'll have the latest and tomorrow lauren icketts in for the weekend and the latest on the sunday storm. 39 on sunday and monday. here comes the cold, staying in
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>> announcer: this ipothe xfinitys desk. bryce has moved on the nats have too and so have the fans. >> chuck todd had strong takes. >> boy did he. he didn't hold bac >> he didn't. with bryce harper going to philly, it's natural to feel like a jilted lover. but leave it to jim g toe you good news. by signing harper the philly's projected win total is 89 games. the nationals projectedin total without bryce harper, 89 games. we just saved $300 million! boom! don't get mewrong, harper's
6:56 pm
seven seasons in d.c. were great. his 13 yearm $33lion deal is the largest total value contract in mlb history. but it's far less than the $400 million his agent scott boris was hoping to get and now used tionals have to get to life without bryce. >> for me any time anyone switches uniforms after a long time is different. he's been here for a long time and making the change is going to be a little bit different, especially in the division. but, you know, it's going to bet esting, i guess, when we see him there. >> it's weird because he used to be right here and a you guys used to be in this corner all the time when he was here. nohe's not here, y'all still in this corner. it's definitely going to be a little bit different. to be honest with you that's what this game i all about. >> had a really good relationship with harper, and we talked al the timeo in that aspect it'sdifferent. but our focus is on what we need
6:57 pm
to do, and i said that coming into spring traing regardless of what happens with harper, i have to focus on the 58 guys we have in camp and get ready for the season. >> wayne rooney and d.c. united ready for the season opener on d . but a special guest, today, a cancer survivor from tas. her dreams of playing soccer ended one when she under went a knee replacement. duane will handle the coin toss at sunday's tch but rooney had another surprise for her. >> for theatch -- so it's -- s >> thank youmuch. >> it's just like a once in a lifetime experience, honestly.
6:58 pm
i'm thankfulig to the c fund for setting this up. i had no idea, hence the tears and stuff. i'm just really excited and really thankful. >> a great opportunity for her to actually see her favorite team there. great -- just -- a great display by wayne rooney. >> nice to see that happen.ha a moment. >> good stuff. that's our news for now. thank you foroining us nbc "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. >> we have a big night coming up at 11:00. the caps areplaying tonight. >> they sure are. caps and wizards. >> we'll see y then. have a great weekend, everybody. >> od night.
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tonight the parents of the am ican college student who died after being held in north korea break their silence, lashing out one day after president trump gave kim jong-un a pass. tonight the president said he holds north korea responsibl but still does not blame kim for the death. ly the deerrifying moments as a plane crashes into a highrise apartment building in a busy florida neighbog ood leavurists scrambling just blocks from the beach.a >>amatic crash sends a car flipping into a hotel parking lot, police huing for the driver of the minivan that left the scene. our exclusive ok inside the last isis stronghold in syria as the battle rages tonight. richard engel is there. >> all of the houses around here have been booby trapped, set up


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